Over 100 special events and activities all summer long including:

Fireworks Christmas in July Festival Family Carnival Day H2O Wagon Ride
Survivor Movie Nights Card Bingo Swim Meet
Easter Fathers Day Crafts Campers Crew Crafts and Games Fishing Derby
Rainbow Rock Weekends Scavenger Hunts Train Rides (Special Weekends) Halloween
Bike Parade Pool Party Family Bingo Kids Baseball
Pancake Breakfast

Every week activities Starting in May include:

Teen / Kids Dance Children’s Bingo (ages 5-15) Camper’s Crew *July & August (ages 5-10) Baseball League *Starting in June (14+) Fishing for Fun *July & August


Over 250 children to play with Toddlers play area Giant Castle Playground Mini-Lake loaded with Fish,
Frogs & Turtles
Basketball Court & Baseball Diamond Candy and Ice Cream Store 40 x 80 Pool

Beyond the relaxed atmosphere, Pine Valley offers some extra facilities to make your summer place a safe and enjoyable one.

New and Used Trailer Sales Beautiful mature trees on all sites Great social atmosphere Trailer rentals
Recreation hall – Arcade, Pool Table Chipwagon Camp Store Nearby Golfing, Country Bakery,
LCBO & Beer Store
Security Gates Large Campsites Pine Valley Cable on every site Great cell phone reception
40 x 80 Pool Clean washrooms, large showers Laundry room with library Dumping Station