Trailer Sale Application

Before you begin...

If you are planning on selling your trailer, please note the following:

  • A copy of the ad must be provided along with signed application to sell within camp.
  • You must supply Pine Valley Park with a copy of a valid ownership/vehicle registration in YOUR name prior to marketing
  • You must provide a USED VEHICLE INFORMATION PACKAGE (UVIP), issued by the Ministry of Transportation prior to listing your RV, at your own cost. This can be ordered through Service Ontario. This is show the potential buyer if there is a lien on the trailer.
  • Application approvals can take up to 14 days from submission date.
  • You must continue to provide insurance for the RV until the day the sale is complete.
  • Propane Inspection must be done before listing. The inspection includes: Checking for propane leaks, start up of all appliances, Check all appliances are in working order and will advise what is required & cost to fix if deemed necessary and not in working order.
  • Upon acceptance of an offer on trailer for sale, the current owner acknowledges that Pine Valley Park has the “right to first refusal” for purchase of the unit involved. If Pine Valley Park chooses not to purchase the unit, the seller agrees to pay Pine Valley Park the Administration Fee of $1,500 or 10% of 90% of the original advertised selling price, or 10% of selling price, whichever one is higher

    Example of the calculations of the 90% Administration Fee:
    Trailer was originally listed at $20,000
    90% of $20,000 = $18,000
    10% of $18,000 = $1,800
    The Administration Fee would be $1,800+HST

  • Pine Valley Park is committed to ensuring an enjoyable summer vacation destination for all campers and reserves the right to approve of all potential buyers.
  • Final deals are to be completed in the camp office to ensure all accounts are in good standing for both the seller and buyer.
  • Finalizing the sale – two separate payments required
    • #1 – Account balance payable to Pine Valley Park
    • #2 – Remainder of Trailer Sale payable to the seller
  • On closing day, any extra keys, gate cards and original RV ownership are required to be submitted. The RV Bill of Sale will also be signed by both the Seller and Buyer.


  • Trailers older than 20 years are not permitted to stay in the park. 15-19yrs with restrictions.
  • Seasonal Fees are non-transferrable and shall not be included in the sale.
  • Classified sites are closed to trailer resale, please confirm before proceeding with a sale.
  • Trailer inspection may be required before application approved for RV older than 5 years.
  • “Trailer” is defined as a mobile unit of occupation and includes any additions, improvements and/or ancillary facilities such as shed, deck, sunroom, and associated landscaping.
  • This agreement/application does not supersede the Seasonal Camping License Application.

Consignment Sale – Terms & Conditions above apply along with the following for consignment sale.

$400 – 60 day agreement ($325 will be deducted from the finalized balance if trailer sold within these terms)

This includes:

  • Pine Valley Park will give the trailer key to potential buyers to view on their own, must supply a functioning key.
  • Advertisement on the camp website, social media and posted on the “For Sale” Board in the office.
  • Up to 5 pictures posted on the website, pictures can be emailed to the office.
  • Please keep your RV and site in a state of readiness.
  • Offers to purchase are verbal until an agreement is reached.
  • 30 day extension to repost after the original agreement date is $100.


*** By proceeding with filling out the following application, you are agreeing to the above terms. ***